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Having an art school background I make props and do a lot of the design. Anna Marie is fantastic with putting together great costumes and creating fabulous make-up looks. So, as a team we punch above our budget.

I hire a Tech for the main shows. My son Morgan will often help with sound design and special FX. 

Parents often help with photography or video and we upload it online.

I don't make and sell videos of the shows anymore.


We are for hire if you need a show written, or written and directed and dressed - contact me.


I will also do drama workshops for community groups or corporate social or educational events. I can devise a session around your needs.

drama classes

They're fast and energetic with a theme each term like The Dark Forest or Harry Potter or Comedy, and a lesson theme each week. We start with group exercises, then pairs, then smaller groups where the students create scenes and perform them.  No one is ever forced to do anything, but students are taught to commit to a scene and finish it. Most importantly, that performance is the group - not just the individual.  The Pic above is from a Film making term.

IMG_5202 - Copy.jpg

Of course it's all about the shows. Most are written by Geoff Allen and are devised to the types and numbers of students. Students often have a great input into characters and plot. When given their script, students are told to diary it in and to talk to their parents. 100% committment is expected.

Attendance at rehearsals, tech, dress and performance nights is an absolute. Shows are expensive - hence why the show term fee is more. They are not a money making exercise at DD. The teen class usually has it's show in term 2, and the younger classes in term 3. Help is always needed and stage managing and technical help can mean a free term of drama. The pic above is from Grimm Night 2017

help with arts careers

Many of our students,  like Sophia Miernik, Toi Whakaari production graduate, have gone onto to work in different areas of the arts. Not all as actors, some as film editors or singers or stunt men.

I've worked in most areas of the arts and have  acquired many contacts. I can help with advice about agents and the business, what drama schools to go to, and what acting agencies are about. I never encourage anyone to be an actor - it's in the blood or it aint. 

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