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         Geoff Allen

Hi, I started Devonport Drama about 2002 with one class of about six students. I'd been working for larger organisations and the idea was to create a boutique youth theatre which was affordable and gave you value for your dollar. Because I'm a writer I was able to create parts specifically for the needs of students. No more standing onstage waiting for a single line - everyone gets their moment. This approach means Devonport Drama has developed it's own style - wacky and full of plots. We've done classics like Troy and The Odyssey and most genres from Steam-punk Western to Dr Who. Oh and Zombies. I will also structure a lesson around the needs of a student or students at that time. DD is about the youth. It's about taking risks, like in 2014 doing a late night Dystopian show at the Vic with very little time to practice in the theatre. It's about fun and the joy of creating, As well as learning the craft and having respect for your self and the others you perform with.

It's about my three legendary rules:


Rebellious students dare to challenge my maths and suggest there are indeed four rules, but that would be a list and far too "Establishment." No, only three. 

After being at the Devonport Methodist Church for ten years, we are now at Artspace on Mt Victoria (first building on the right as you go up)  We do our main shows at The Rose Centre in Belmont. Teen class every year, and younger classes every second year.  

Classes are:      Thursdays 7-10    3:30 - 4:30pm      11 -13    4:35pm - 5:40pm       14 -18    5:50 - 7pm.  


Normal term fees are $110 -  $150 or $175 for show terms. For new students the first session is a free trial. If they return for a second session full payment is required. This year every new student gets 25% off their first term.

Is DD one of the most unique youth theatres in the country? You be the judge.  Geoff Allen


And we are on facebook - devonport drama. Geoff's contacts are: 0212624907  geoffallenwriter@gmail.com


Photo credits: Michaela Sangl, Tessa Mcgregor, Carolyn Pomeroy, Geoff Allen and many others.


* Some images from productions may be put on this website of devonport drama FB. Contact me if you think an image should be removed from either. 



Writer/Director of Devonport Drama. Studied acting with Raymond Hawthorne. Completed one year writing course at Whitireia Polytechnic Film & TV: LOTRs. King Kong, Shortland St. Mercy Peak, 20

TVCs. Director Galatea Theatre Agency. Auckland Actors.

Equity member, N.Z.S.A.

20 plus years drama teaching experience. 2014 Director Pericles AUSS. His play 'Sister Anzac' was at Q Theatre in 2016.

Costume & Make-up

Anna Marie has costumed and done make-up for short films, (NZ Film Award and Sundance nominations) The Auckland Santa parade. The Gang Show. Costuming/make up for Takapuna Grammar shows. DD costume makeup and Galatea theatre. AMTC wardrobe for several shows. NSTC wardrobe for several shows. Wardrobe mistress for Chinese dance company at Bruce mason. She is the aesthetic heart of Devonport Drama.

Anna Marie Dixon

Beren Allen and Tim Allis are regular film makers with Devonport Drama. Past students act as techs for shows.

Mel Gore and Clare Senoir often stage manage. 

Bridie & Siobhan Dixon are our choreographers.

Dave Arrow  fight arranger.   

Michaela Sangl does photography for the 11-13s.

Ex students regularly act as Theatresports judges in the last term.

Robyn Goudge - musical director.

Actors Maeve Kelly, Kat Glass & Brendan Lovell are DD friends.